I’m Still Figuring this out

Here is my entrance essay for Aberystwyth. I can’t stand blank pages so I had to post something. Anyway here is a little about my motivation to go abroad.

As I prepare for a career working with youth in the communities they live in the importance of a broad perspective grows in my eyes. An understanding of culture is important to be able to relate to all kinds of people. Not everyone in my community is a farmer, a Boilermaker, a Hoosier, or even a United States citizen like I am. I want to explore so that I can gain a broader view of how people that are not United States citizens, Hoosiers, Boilermakers, or farmers live and relate to each other. If someone told me three years ago to take another semester to explore, broaden my world view and experience a new way of living I would have laughed and said “I don’t have time for that in my 4-year plan.” Now, I know that it does not matter if your plans change as long as you never give up on your goals. I can think of no better way to further my education and prepare myself for my future. I want to study abroad because I want to continue my personal development and to see the world from a new perspective and experience a new culture. Going into an education based masters program, I am also greatly interested to see the differences in the classrooms here and abroad.  Ultimately, I am excited for this opportunity because beyond the practical applications I feel like I am truly going to enjoy my time abroad.


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