Aber, Week 1

One week down and an adventure is already in the books. Indy to New York to Portugal to Manchester and finally a train to Aberystwyth that arrived just past 1 am got me here. I used google flights alerts to find some extremely discounted tickets which I highly recommend. I did however pay with my time, it took just over 24 hours of travel time including layovers and delays but it was to be expected when flying so cheap. I was lucky enough to be placed in a flat with all international students from California to Norway to Hong Kong and back to Finland. I’m only taking three courses here which constitutes a full course load believe it or not. I barely have five hours of class per week! Unfortunately I’ll have to write over 20 pages in essays per class throughout the semester.

The international office and Erasmus club has been great in organizing socials. I have joined a couple clubs to stay active on campus. It’s a big change having a full day of classes to being here and barely having two hours of class and no responsibilities afterward. All of the clubs meet at pubs which is wild to me that university sponsored events all include alcohol. But when in Rome I guess. I’m not complaining about it. Below are some pictures I took walking around the seafront.

I am looking forward to exploring more as time goes on especially the Snowdonia National Park. The hiking club routinely takes trips around the park so maybe I will tag along.

So far Wales is treating me well!


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