Week 2, Ceredigion Coastal Hike

My second week of classes is already over and I seem to be hurtling towards essay due dates already. This week was pretty uneventful due to the fact that I have come down with some kind of cold or sinus infection. After a couple of days of cough syrup induced comas I decided I shouldn’t waste the entire week and joined my flatmates Mikal, Alex, Niina, and Anni on a walk to Borth, a nearby town connected by a coastal “walking” path. Feeling marginally better I mixed myself a cocktail of cough syrup, flu medicine, and cough drops and set out on a 6.5 mile walk. screen-shot-2017-02-12-at-6-20-57-pmThe Ceredigion Coast Path boasts about 60 miles of paths up the coast of wales from Cardigan to Ynys Las. Ynys is not a misspelling, the Welsh Language uses Y as a vowel very liberally and often succeeds in making me sound ridiculous when I pronounce anything. The trails are rated from easy to moderately hard on average and of course our trail was simply rated hard. This path was definitely a “walk at your own risk” with no fences to keep you from falling off the cliff but that’s part of the fun anyway. Most of the path was made up of private lands. We often had to go through gates and walk along of the edges of sheep farms. They say there are more sheep in wales than people and I definitely believe that statement. From a distance the sheep look like puff balls all over the rolling hills. I tried to make friends with some sheep but I soon found out they would rather run precariously close to the cliff face than be petted by the likes of me. Rude, hurtful but they posed well for a picture so I’m not that broken up by the rejection. img_7230

The color markings of the sheep indicates which farmer they belong too. At the end of the season the sheep are separated by color. In the picture above a rogue blue sheep has wandered in with farmer red’s sheep. Maybe it’s a Romeo/Juliet situation or maybe the grass really is greener on the other side of the fence. I didn’t stop to ask so we will never know.

In total the walk took a little under 3 hours. We were slowed down by the hills of course.

I don’t know if these photos capture it but we were quite high up there. In Indiana we would call the narrow trails cow paths. And in most places, especially when going up, that comparison rang true. Below is a picture which sole purpose is to make mother nervous.

I was also able to get some decent vistas of Aberstwyth as we were starting the hike, a bit out of order but here they are anyway. Constitution Hill is the location of these photos. There is a cable car that runs up the hill where a small coffee shop and a random but quaint 2 lane bowling alley greets visitors. We walked up because we are fools.

I apologize if my “iPhone photographer” skills don’t capture the full value of our beautiful coastal town.

Jumping forward we arrived at Borth, a even smaller coastal town, around 3:30. It was very apparent that this was a summer getaway. All the pubs and cafes were either closed or not serving any food. Most of them were only open from 12-2! I am still getting used to the relaxed attitude they have here and in Europe compared to the rush in America.  We did however, find a nice cafe to have coffee and cheese toasties! A fancier, British grilled cheese. I had a mozzarella, pesto, olive and tomato toastie.  Toasty? Toastie? I’m not sure it tasted good either way. I also snapped a picture of a rainbow colored street. The homes are much more colorful here, its quite nice.

We unanimously agreed to take the train back were we took turns introducing each other to our native music tastes. I shared my hick background and love of country music. Anni introduced us to Eurovision, a singing contest for the whole of Europe. I had no idea but Celine Dion got her start on that show way back in 1988. It’s worth a google if not just to appreciate her 80’s hair. But the main event was the 2006 winner from Anni’s home country Finland. Lordi- Hard Rock Hallelujah. I included a picture so you can more easliy invision how hardcore she really is.

It’s quite an experience, the link is right here>  Anni’s Jam


It’s been another great week at Aber, Thanks for reading!



Slideshow of misc. cliff views

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